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Cleghorn Farm sits approximately two and a half miles from the centre of Lanark and has been in the Lockhart family since the 15th century. A working farm it is split between arable (barley) and livestock with lambs and calves and their respective mothers filling the fields for most of the year.

It is bounded to the north by the West Coast Mainline - for the rail enthusiasts among you - to the south by the Mouse Water - popular with canoeists - and the SSSI of Cleghorn Glen - beautiful woodland walks and wildlife. So whether it's badgers, bats, birch boletus, brown trout or buffet cars, you can see it all here.

Around Lanark

With its shops, cafés, pubs and restaurants there is plenty to see and do in Lanark itself. Also, with regular trains to Glasgow from Lanark, or Edinburgh via Carstairs, a wealth of museums, galleries and historic sites are not far away.

Here are a selection of some of the local points of interest. For more information, please visit

- Lanark - The Royal Burgh of Lanark is steeped in tradition. It has been an important market town in Scotland since medieval times when King David I granted Lanark Royal Burgh status in 1140 and the town is proud of its rich heritage. Market day is every Monday when you can witness the buying and selling of livestock or stock up on fruit and veg. You can drive there in approximately 5 minutes or take a walk down Cleghorn Glen to Leechford.

- New Lanark UNESCO World Heritage Site - At New Lanark, David Dale and Robert Owen created a model for industrial communities that was to spread across the world in the 19th and 20th centuries, establishing a milestone in social and industrial history, and having lasting influences on society, even two hundred years on.

- Falls of Clyde Wildlife Reserve - Famous for its spectacular waterfalls, historic visitors and scenic woodland walks.

- Tinto Hill - The best reason for climbing Tinto hill is the excellent view. On the clearest days the view takes in the Lake District, the mountains of Mourne in Northern Ireland, Ailsa Craig and Arran in the Firth of Clyde, the Arrochar Alps and as far north as Lochnagar in the Cairngorms.

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