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Spend some time away from it all in our furnished off-grid cabin complete with double bed, wood burner, fire pit and toilet. Suitable for 2 people.






Price includes any size of tent and up to 2 adults and 2 children. Further campers can be added. Includes toilet, hand-washing station and shared fire-pit.






*Hammocks, Bivouacs and Single person tents. We have plenty of trees to sling up between.

Includes toilet, hand-washing station and shared fire-pit.


Polite requests

Our ethos at Cleghorn Farm is to leave as little trace as possible. We recognise that everything we do has an impact on the landscape but we do ask that you respect the site and abide by a few simple rules:

- Toilets - We use humanure toilets which accept the holy trinity of pee, poo and paper which is turned (back) into organic matter through the twin powers of time and aerobic composting. A flawless system that doesn't like foreign objects. Simply do your thing, scatter some cover material over it and shut the lid. If it's not one of the holy trinity, please wrap it up and take it away with you. Which leads us neatly on to ...

- Rubbish - We have a leave no trace approach and ask that anything you carry in, you also carry out. And please check carefully for rogue tent pegs.

- Water - We provide water for the handwashing station. There is water on site which is suitable for washing and cooking but we advise that you bring your own water for drinking.

- Firewood - There is, it seems, a lot of wood lying around the site but we ask that you don't burn it for a couple of reasons: Firstly, it's quite probably someone's home and secondly, it's unlikely to be sufficiently dry to burn. Wet wood is a known offender when it comes to carbon emissions so please only use the wood and kindling that we provide and which can be bought on site.

- Cooking - We ask that you keep your fires - and, therefore, cooking - within the firepit area. Fires have always been a meeting place and we like to encourage a communal sharing of the warmth and friendship that a central fire inspires.

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