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Polite requests

Our ethos at Cleghorn Farm is to leave as little trace as possible. We recognise that everything we do has an impact on the landscape but we do ask that you respect the site and abide by a few simple rules:

- Toilets - We use humanure toilets which accept the holy trinity of pee, poo and paper which is turned (back) into organic matter through the twin powers of time and aerobic composting. A flawless system that doesn't like foreign objects. Simply do your thing, scatter some cover material over it and shut the lid. If it's not one of the holy trinity, please wrap it up and take it away with you.

- Rubbish - We have a leave no trace approach and ask that anything you carry in, you also carry out. And please check carefully for rogue tent pegs.

- Water - We provide water for the handwashing station. There is water on site which is suitable for washing and cooking but we advise that you bring your own water for drinking.

- Firewood - There is, it seems, a lot of wood lying around the site but we ask that you don't burn it for a couple of reasons: Firstly, it's quite probably someone's home and secondly, it's unlikely to be sufficiently dry to burn. Wet wood is a known offender when it comes to carbon emissions so please only use the wood and kindling that we provide and which can be bought on site. You're welcome, of course, to bring your own.

- Cooking - We ask that you keep your fires - and, therefore, cooking - within the firepit area. Fires have always been a meeting place and we like to encourage a communal sharing of the warmth and friendship that a central fire inspires. Disposable barbecues are not permitted on site.

- Dogs - We welcome dogs on site but please be respectful of other campers and the occupants of the farm by making sure that your dog is kept under close control at all times and that all poo is picked up and disposed of in the bins provided.

Terms and Conditions

Group bookings

These can only be accepted from organisations with a nominated responsible person. We cannot accept large family or friend groups. Proof of group status may be requested when booking. Our family friendly location is not suitable for parties.


Booking can be made online or directly by phone with us. We don’t accept multi pitch bookings; each family/tent/cabin needs to be booked individually. Please check your email confirmation for booking details, we cannot be held responsible for errors in information provided at time of booking. Bookings must be made by adults (18+). We ask that you pay the full amount to secure your booking. This includes dogs and additional vehicles but wood can be paid for either in cash or transfer.

Cancellation by you

Cancellations made more than 28 days before your stay are entitled to a refund subject to a 20% cancellation fee. Cancellations less than 28 days before the booking will not be refunded. If you decide to leave early for any reason Cleghorn Farm is not liable to refund any unused nights.

Cancellations by us

If we have to cancel your stay with us for any reason, we will work with you to provide alternative dates and where this is not possible a full refund will be given.

Pandemics & Force Majeure

If your booking has to be cancelled due to government advice or major circumstances out of our control we will cancel your booking and offer a full refund of any monies paid. We are not liable for any other expenses you incur. If you need to cancel or alter your booking due to local restrictions, self-isolation requirements or if you/someone in your booking becomes ill then our standard cancellation policy applies. We suggest you take out the necessary holiday insurance to cover any losses.


Please ensure your tent will fit in the pitch you have chosen. The Pond Wood can take tents of most sizes as long as they fit in a 9m circle. We ask that you leave sufficient space between

Campsite Etiquette

Please be a considerate camper, we want every guest to relax and enjoy their time with us. Please follow any guidance on site and follow the Respect & Think of Others Policy.
· Shhh time 10pm. Remember noise travels and tents don’t insulate against it. All campers want a good night’s sleep and there are residential properties close by. Please keep noise to a minimum between 10pm & 7am.
· Space and privacy – Please allow at least 6m between tents (guy rope to guy rope). Resist the urge to cut through other pitches and always try to remain a respectful distance (consider each pitch like a garden, you wouldn’t cut through someone’s garden just because it was quicker).

· Communal facilities – to keep these areas clean for everyone who uses them we expect users to leave them as they find them. In the case of the humanure toilet, should it seem a little full, please call 07887953603 to have it emptied.

· Dogs – we love dogs! They are very welcome to camp with you. They do need to be kept on a lead while onsite and all mess needs picked up and disposed of in the dog bins provided (even from the woods – lots of children play there).

· Rubbish – Be a responsible camper, take all your rubbish from your pitch when you leave. We have general waste and recycling bins at the car park so please remove your rubbish from the cabin and campsite and dispose of it accordingly.

Fires & BBQ’s

Fires are welcomed at Cleghorn Farm, please only have them in the fire bowls/pits provided. Ensure they are never left unattended and extinguished fully before going to bed. Wood and kindling are available from Cleghorn Mains. Please do not burn the wood that you find around the site. We are visitors and much of the fallen material is something's habitat. At no time can you chop any of our trees. We will empty the fire bowl for the cabin on a regular basis, however if you feel it needs to be emptied, please just ask. Disposable BBQs are not permitted on site and we encourage people to cook communally.


We understand some situations and activities may be unfamiliar to you. We will provide advice if you need it, however:

· By using Cleghorn Farm facilities you accept you are undertaking outdoor activities in a natural environment where all risk is not “managed out”, and you agree to take responsibility for your own Health and Safety and that of anyone staying with you. Also, ensure responsible behaviour at all times to prevent accidents.

· You accept you will be using our facilities at your own risk. Our facilities are maintained in good working order, and we accept no liability for accidents or injuries however caused.

· You will secure, insure, and take care of all your property and possessions while at Cleghorn Farm. We accept no liability for any theft, loss, or damage to your property.


We will seek payment for any damage to our, our neighbours’ or other client’s property caused by you or a member of your party wilfully or through lack of care and attention.

Non – Compliance

We reserve the right to make specific requests for compliance with the campsite rules and/or terms and conditions. If such compliance is not forthcoming, we will instruct you and/or specific members of your party to leave the premises as soon as possible. Such action will not be taken unreasonably or without discussion with yourself.

Complaints & Dissatisfaction

We hope you love Cleghorn Farm as much as we do. If you become dissatisfied for any reason, please raise your concern with us directly while on site. Hopefully we can sort any issue there and then. If the matter remains unresolved or you’d rather discuss it later please email us as soon as you can so we can fully investigate – or call 07887953603.

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